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What are the working areas for nurses?

Nurses, also called as registered nurses are health care executives that look after sick and unwell patients. They look after handicapped and sick folks, give them injections and medicines and also provide them with emotional support. They also do the entire minor and major works in surgeries.

They help in showering patients, changing their clothing, maintaining their cleanliness, teaching patients about exercise and diet programs, keeping their progress reports, maintaining and operating machines and lots more.

How to become a Approved Nurse?

So as to become a nurse you ought to be graduate from a commissioned college of from any nursing programs.

You may either complete 2 years of associate degree or 4 years of BSc so as to complete your nursing courses. A nursing diploma takes about 3 years.

Generally in order to become a RN you've got to get higher level of education.

What are the working areas for nurses?

Well, there are a lot of areas for nurses to work on. The working areas of nurses includes


Nursing fields


Home care facilities

Old age house

Child care centers

Personal clinics

Consultant clinics and many more

What includes in the course of study?

Nursing course includes the following subjects:

Anatomy and physiology

Medical terminology

Basic science




Medical ethics

Nursing concept and plenty more

What's the average income of nurses?

Well, to tell you LPN salary are highly satisfying and engaging. According to the survey made in May 2008, the average annual earning of nurses was found to be $65,130. This is a pretty satisfying salary to earn your living.

How many job vacancies are there for nurses?

Nurses occupy the great majority of medicare occupation. In 2008 there were about 2.6 million job vacancies in US state and 3 out of 5 worked in surgeries.

Is there any future advancement for nurses?

Yes, alike lots of other careers you'll find many future developments in this career also. After turning into a Licensed practical Nurse you can go for Licensed Nurse or MSN degree.

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